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A Guide to Imported Luxury and Vintage Fabrics

When you are in search of a special type of fabric or linen with the greatest quality, you might begin with luxury import fabrics. Imported luxury fabrics have a different feel to them as well as higher thread counts. These aren't something typical that you would buy at your local retail store. High end luxurious fabrics may require that you special order it or even buy online, but it is very important that you understand what you are looking for.

Types of Luxury Fabrics

Throughout history, in China, only members of the royal family would wear silk robes. Commoners would wear robes made out of cheaper fabrics that were available. Egyptian cotton was worn by royal families in Egypt. In the past, Egyptian cotton was one of the softest fabrics known to people. Today, Egyptian cotton and silk are still popular among people. There are Egyptian cotton sheets, pillow cases and furniture covers. A variety of fashion houses use silk in their clothing designs.

Other types of luxury fabrics include satin, raw silk, taffeta, Georgette, brocades, linen, lace and tulle. These fabrics are often seen on the runways, used by some of the most famous designers. One of the first fashion designers to add such luxurious fabrics to daytime wear was Prada. Delicate clothing made with these fabrics are sometimes paired with jewelry, showcasing its superior quality. The most expensive type of luxury fabrics are used to making clothing such as cardigans and shawls, so that it has a soft quality. Shawls are often made with cashmere, merino and pashmina.

Investing in Luxury Fabrics

While luxurious fabrics can be expensive, they are definitely worth the investment. Its top quality allows it to last for years at a time. People use these fabrics in their clothing to wear or to decorate their home. They may hang warm or bright colored silks on the wall to give a room a more inviting look. If a person understands how to use such luxurious fabrics, it can bring a subtle personality to a home or fashion statement.

Vintage Luxury Fabrics


Believe it or not, denim at one time, were actually a luxury. Denim actually originates from "de Nimes”, a little southern town in France. This was the town where Denim was first strung and dyed the color indigo. It wasn’t until 1850 that Levi Strauss began supplying gold miners with pants that were made of denim. The material was durable and could withhold almost anything. Later on, these pants got their nickname, “jeans.” Later on, as the years went by, these became a favorite piece of clothing to wear. They gained the most popularity beginning in the 1960’s.

White Cotton

In the 1920’s, the modern-day white collared shirt was invented. The Prince of Wales was seen everywhere in a shirt with soft turn down collars. Women began sporting white button down collared shirts in the 1950’s, often pairing them off with a skirt. After-awhile, the white cotton shirt began seeing printed designs, as more women chose feminine styles instead of those geared towards men. Today, white cotton shirts are still popular by women, men and children. They are worn for comfort as well as at the office.


Today, people still use either luxury vintage or imported fabrics to adorn their home or add to their wardrobe. Fabrics that were one luxury years ago, are now common-wear for the every-day person. Vintage fabrics may be easier to access than those that are imported such as silk, cashmere or Egyptian cotton. It is common to see Egyptian cotton sheets in a bedding store, but the price is often higher than cheaper ones. If you want to make a statement or have quality fabrics that last for years at a time, luxury fabrics are always worth the investment.

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