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About Us

Located in Beautiful Arkansas, Decoritems.com and Luxury Import Fabrics is being recognized as a unique and interesting business with rare, vintage and hard to find designer fabrics. Our brand, quality, price, and selection are quickly gaining recognition by Many top designers, seamstresses and others in the clothing and fashion industry. We also cater to individuals who are just looking for fine upscale fabrics at prices that are well below the actual values of fabrics of this caliber. We offer our fabrics online on our website and through ebay under seller name of RedwoodBridges and if you are in our local area you can also make an appointment to come and look through our inventory of fine upscale luxury fabrics.

With a wide range of fabrics from Cashmere, Italian Wools, French Swiss Silks and jacquards, chenilles, Linens, Cottons in a variety of colors and styles to choose from. Many top named designers including many VINTAGE fabrics that are rare and hard to find these days. All of our luxury fabrics are imported from France, Italy, Switzerland and Europe.

We bring luxury and elegance to People, Businesses and homes where only the finest quality Fabrics will suffice. Our Fabric collections feature numerous classic and vintage styles and designs, including fine silks, beautiful printed fabrics and Rare designer fabrics, as well as an assortment of Metallic’s, sequins and luxury fabric blends.

If you are ever in the Area of Ft Smith Arkansas, please make an appointment to stop by and look though our building of our Luxury Import Fabrics, you might be amazed at what you will find! Call 1-800-394-1939 or contact us here